Nice to meet you...

Hi there. My name is Emily Warburton and I am the founder + owner of Home Base Events. Thank you for taking an interest & exploring this site. Home Base is lucky to have you.


Home Base Events was created in 2020 after months of being couped up inside the house during quarantine. I had been wanting to start up my own event space that was unique to each experience rather than hosting a cluster of repetitive evenings. Throughout my time working in the music industry, many of the events felt like a c+p with minor edits. If you've ever felt the way I did, I'm glad you've landed here. Home Base creates each event from the ground up with different intentions & directors each time, while maintaining a familial community. So, what is Home Base Events?


Home Base is first and foremost an event space that ranges from customized artist release celebrations to meditative healing ceremonies. Our morale is to build a safe, long-lasting community rather than a hollow shell for networking. Each event is tailored to a specific theme, mood or intention. In between events, this site will also host blog posts regarding event inspiration such as travel, food, health, & activism. 


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